Side Event

Side Event – AAL show flats accessible and guided tours available

One of the most important goals of the WEST-AAL project is to enable the public respectively as many as possible stakeholders to get in touch with AAL-Solutions. In addition to that, the project fosters the integration of both end-users and solution providers to exchange experiences as well as requirements for AAL-Solutions.

So called show flats – publicly accessible & uninhabited flats – provide a stage for both integrating and presenting innovative solutions based on research with products already on the market. This enables end-users to get in touch with the latest developments in that context. Additionally they are encouraged to share their individual opinion which strives for another important goal of the West-AAL project: exchange of experience and ideas.

At SMATER LIVES further information about the project will be available at its West-AAL booth at the AAL-Exhibition. Guided tours will be available at the AAL-Exhibition as well as at the show flats.

Guided tours through the show flats are offered at the following times on the 11.06.2015: